“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” ~Stephen Covey

In life you can over come your circumstances, you can over come the things that are holding you back.  You can overcome a poor childhood, a disease or disorder, or any other situation in order to succeed and become who you want to be, but you cannot over come the bad decisions that you make in your life that have ruined you life.

If you choose to get drunk and get high off of pot and various other drugs, you become that person, it can ruin your reputation forever whether you end up quitting or not.  You are the keeper of your own destiny, you decide who you want to become.  If you make the choice to not focus in school and spend all your time partying, then that is who you become.  You will have many difficulties in the future.  Some people say Hey, I’m young I can party and have fun now, I can spend time later worrying about the future when it gets here, and no you shouldn’t worry about the future, but you should also realize that you’re building your future now, you’re building who you are now.  And you need to spend time focusing on that.  If you want to party, that’s your business, but also remember you have important things to think about and plan for, no matter how old you may be.  Whether you’re sixteen or twenty-six or in your forties, you have things you need to take into account.  If you’re in your teens and get in trouble with stuff like the law or drugs or alcohol, it does show later on too, and it can prevent you from getter a job because it does affect you.  Make your decisions to plan for the product you want to become in the long term and you will never regret it.


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