Always cherish the friends you have whether you are super close to them or not.  If they are there for you when you need help, then cherish them, because many friendships do not last forever, situations change and people change and the friendship is eventually terminated.  You don’t realize how much those people truly meant to you until they are gone.  You don’t realize how much you take your friendships for granted until you have no one to be there for you when you need someone.

Always be there for people when they need help, when they are going threw mourning or they are mental distressed or they just want to talk because if you’re not there for them how can you expect that someone else will be there for them?  And how can you expect someone to be there for you when you need help if you do not take them time to be there for someone else.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” ~Ronald Reagan

If everyone in this world helped and supported someone every chance they go then no one on this earth would ever have to be alone.  Most of the time helping someone threw a problem doesn’t have to take a long time sometimes it only takes a few minutes, sometimes they just want another point of view.  Other times it could take a lot of time, many long nights to prevent someone from killing themselves or from simply going to sleep upset.  Sometimes the people who need the most help and the biggest friendship try to push people away because they don’t want to admit that they themselves also need help, and these people can’t be abandoned either just because they tried to push you away.  Yes, sometimes it does hurt, but you could be saving their life.

Someone I know was so suicidal that they said good bye to one of their good friends and were about thirty seconds away from slitting their wrists when they received a phone call from a another friend out of the blue who just wanted to talk, and that phone call stop them from killing themselves, but the first friend never forgave that person because they took the good bye as the person trying to end their friendship.  The first friend unintentional left them to die, and afterwards unintentionally is punishing them for having a mental disorder by not being friends with them, and they must live everyday they think that if they killed themselves they wouldn’t of lost their best friend.

If you leave someone who is trying to push you away, you could be doing something terrible because you don’t always know what they are going threw and you don’t know what they intend to do when you’re gone and not watching them.


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