Taking a Bullet for a Friend

Recently I had a close life or death in counter twice in one night.  The first was when I was walking by the fence of a car dealership and smelled a strong scent of vodka and weed, and I later found out that if I had looked around and found the guys that were drinking and smoking back there had found me they were going to shoot me with the gun they had.  The second was later in the night when my friend found the guys and she ran after them threw the front entrance while I ran around the back in hopes of stopping and/or protecting her.  We did not know they had a gun with them, but we knew they at least had glass vodka bottles and possible a knife, and when I ran around the back of that parking lot I know I had to stop them from hurting her and boyfriend at all costs even to the point of risking my own life for them to get out, and luckily the two men ran out before either of us came close to them, but we later discovered that they were watching us for the remainder of the night and waiting for either me or my friend (who they thought were the same person) to get alone so they could kill us, but luckily they did not get the chance, and her boyfriend walked her home.  The man was later arrested in her garage.

We I ran around the backside of that I had every intention to get either injured or killed just so my friend could get out.  I’ve lived a decent life and I’m three years older.  She’s made many mistakes, and deserves a second chance, and also had died she would have been called an idiot for chasing them in the first place and no one deserves to have people think of them that way after they die.  Her boyfriend (and my friend) had ran in after her and told me that he would have taken a bullet for both of us just to keep us safe because he cared too much about us.  I had told a different one of my friends much later my intentions and willingness to die to save her, and my other friend responded and said “I would have turned my back on her, and I’m pretty sure everyone else would too for putting you in that danger in the first place.”  Though it may not seems like people want to being around me most of the time, they really do care about me and would be devastated if something happened to me. 

If I had been asked would I take a bullet for any of my friends I probably would have honestly said no or that it depended on the situation, but now I know full and well that I would never want anything to happen to any of my friend.  If you truly car about someone then you would take a bullet for them because you don’t want anything to happen to them.


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