There are things that can mask how you feel about something.  If you heard something bad about something you truly enjoy or about someone you enjoy hanging out with then it can make you feel like you don’t want to do that anymore or hang out with that person anymore when you really do want to. 

Similarly, if you have trouble dealing with your emotions from past experiences then it may be hard for you to see how you actually feel about something.  Do you really like that person or do you only like being with them because they give you attention when no one else has?  For someone who has been deeply hurt by others and had a history of being ignored it may be difficult for them to trust or in other cases it can make them too trusting because they want to be accepted.  Sometimes it’s hard and it can hurt the people that are involved, especially when questions such as “Do you like me?” or “How do you feel about me arise?”  Should they answer with a possible lie since they do not actually know how they feel or do they tell they person they are unsure?  It can hurt other people because though their emotions are not just confused about that one person but about many people, it can make it seem like they are lying about their difficult emotions and make it seem like they don’t like that person.


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