Letting Go

Sometimes you hold on to something because you think you need it, or you don’t want to hurt someone else, or you are scared of losing something you have had or so long.  In relationships it’s important to know when you should let you go.  No matter how long you have been together, there may come a time when it’s not going to work anymore.  You may still love that person, you may always love that person, but there comes a point where you don’t feel loved anymore, sometimes you stop caring about what happens to the relationship.  You’ve tried over and over again to fix things, but you get tired of being the only one trying, tired of being the only one upset when they don’t see the other for weeks end, and there comes a point when you no longer care that you didn’t see them because you’re so used to it, you have other things to do now.  It may hurt at first, but it’s for the best.


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