I have not posted for a while because I was sick with mono for weeks and was not able to do much of anything besides go to class, work, and sleep.  I came to college this fall and without knowing it, I was already carrying the illness, so of course since I am living in very close quarters with about a hundred other people, I gave it to a good portion of the dorm.  During my illness I was sick for about three weeks before I got medical care and I was too busy, I’m over an hour away from my doctors and the hospitals I trust, I didn’t have the time. I would drive home on the weekends to rest and hopefully get better there, finally after about three weeks with my symptoms only getting worse I went to the Prompt Care back home.  I was diagnosed with bronchitis and was given medications to clear everything out.  I went to bed that night and finally got to sleep around 5 am, when I woke up the next morning the medicine had kicked in and everything was draining into my throat, the problem being that my throat had swollen over during the night leaving it very difficult to breath or swollen so my throat was filling up with drainage and at some points I was incapable of breathing.  So me and my dad returned to the prompt care, but this time when they looked at my throat and thought I might have an abscess and sent me to the Emergency Room.  This was slightly frightening because there is throat cancer in my family, and an abscess being similar to a benign tumor would most likely have to be biopsied for cancer.  I texted many friends and requested prayers for my well-being.  After much wait, blood tests and a CT scan, and being given saline fluids and steroids and other medication for pain and swelling, I was informed I had mono, and there was basically nothing that could be done.  I was on steroids for a week for my throat swelling over.

What was very irritating to me during this time is eventually other people started having mono around me, they would skip class, claim they “almost died”.  It made me angry because I did not miss one day of class for mono, and most of these people did not have any difficulties getting over the illness and did not even have to go to the hospital, while I had to spend basically a full weekend in prompt care and the ER for it.  I still can’t play sports, be rough, and have to be careful because my immune system is low so I could bet sick and my organs have swelled a great deal during this time and still are.  This is the sickest I have ever been in my life and I managed to miss not a single class because of being too sick, though it would take me a great deal longer for me to get where I was going because my chest would hurt so bad and it was so difficult to breath.  I was able to continue normal life about a week and a half after diagnosis with a nap here and there.  I am able to hang out with friends and take care of medical needs.  And I was able to do all this despite have mono because I am not going to give up on my goals, I have to keep my grades up and be there for classes and get homework done, and attend my job.  I’m not going to give up.


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