Today in my sociology class my teacher said that most of the people there would never become successful, though maybe a few would become so.  This greatly irritated me because I feel that I am very successful for being eighteen years old.  It does not take much to be successful.  I’m only eighteen, but I’m a lifeguard and EMT and have various other certifications.  I became an EMT while trying to finish my senior year of high school, decide which college I was going to and wait months to take my state test while running as a student and working as a lifeguard at a summer camp.  I have had three jobs in my life and I have loved all three of them.  Last summer I worked as a lifeguard and during my off hours worked with the ambulance.  During this school year I work with a health department ten or more hours a week while studying pre-med and going home most weekends to work as an EMT.  How do these things not make me a success?

I am working hard, helping people, and having fun doing it.  I find what I am doing in my life at this time to be very successful for an eighteen year old, and I can only get more successful from here.  Success is not getting rich or becoming famous.  Success is doing what you want with your life and your career and being happy doing it.  There’s a common quote, “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  I work my ass off at all my jobs, but it’s not work, it’s enjoyable.  It may exhaust me but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I wouldn’t trade riches or fame for the thankfulness in a persons eyes.  We may not always get the thanks we deserve, but it’s worth helping them.

I once had a sixteen year old roll over car accident victim.  She was not badly hurt and socialized with use all the way to the hospital and we actually know the families very well of both the girls in the accident.  They were so great full to us, but what I remember most is that the girl was so utterly surprised and great full that we gave our time to come help her and we do not get paid to do it.  Several of the family members expressed their thanks for our help.  This is what I call success.


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